About Silvicamp

SilviCamp is a global import/export company, mainly importing from China to Europe.

SilviCamp has been founded in 1993 as a company who wanted to introduce accessories for the camping and caravaning market who really work and are a big help.

SilviCamp booth at Caravan Salon Duesseldorf

We started as a two person company and we are still operating in this way. We are selling to wholesalers only. Our first product has been the Camp-A-Toaster which became product of the year in 1994 after only 3 month from introduction into the market.

After 20 years we are in business stronger then ever. For us doing business means equality, trust and fairness. While we live up to this we have very good and long relationships to our wholesalers and our suppliers.

We are specialized in importing container loads from various suppliers on demand. We are also handling customized orders. Our main goal is to supply good quality to a fair price for the suppliers and for our customers.

We would like to help build up Chinas RV industry while working together , to be able to trust each other and helping out so everybody can earn money.

But first of all we have to get the people to get to know about camping and caravanning. Without customers there will be no industry.

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