The group

The group consists of an international mix of companies from all kinds of RV related businesses. Membership is free for engaged companies. The common goal is to promote the RV lifestyle in China through various means like education, information, discussion, delegations, travel, chats etc. 

Cooperating as a group helps overcome cultural differences more easily. All members of the group have worked internationally for a long time and know each other well so there is fair and trustful cooperation, preventing the disasters many companies are afraid of.

Our belief is 'Revenue follows demand'. RVs are practically unknown in China today but generate a tremendous interest with people that come close. We hope to turn this interest into buying decisions, we think China is ready for the mobile lifestyle.

The reports

The internet is ideally suited for spreading information. With detailed illustrated reports in English, Chinese and German we want to inform individuals and companies of the western world as well as of China alike about RV related events.

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